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Penske Racing Shocks only offers the best parts, our oil is no different. Suspension oil is critical for repeatability and performance. No matter how good your parts are, if your running an inferior suspension fluid, you will have less grip and more fade. Silkolene has been our brand of choice since the beginning of Penske Shocks. Every year we work with Silkolene to ensure our customers are getting the best possible fluid. We have two different product lines to offer, find out which is best for you.

Silkolene Fully Synthetic:

  • Silkolene 02 and 05 full Synthetic Racing Fork Fluids are based on 21st century Electrosyntec technology.
  • Integrated with race developed anti-foam and wear-resistant chemistry, these unique fluids provide exceptional performance in the latest off-road and road racing competition suspension systems.
  • Outstanding resistance to shear forces and high temperatures, make these fluids highly suited for long distance events and severe conditions, where consistent performance from start to finish is vital.
  • This 100% synthetic formulation reduces fluid volatility at high temperatures, ensuring predictable damping while reducing friction and “stick-slip” providing a silky smooth action with very low seal wear.
  • Developed extensively with Factory race teams and Suspension Companies in both 2 and 4 wheel competition including motorcycle, ATV, snowmobile, world rally cars, rally cross, desert racing, and Formula One.

Silkolene PRO RSF

  • Utilizing synthetic technology, this high Viscosity Index (VI), racing suspension fluid was developed to exceed the requirements of today’s competition systems.
  • Unique fluid engineering techniques integrate low friction synthetics with anti-foam and wear-resistant additives.
  • RSF is thermally stable and provides exceptional performance in air and nitrogen gas filled systems.
  • Various grades can be mixed for extra fine tuning.
  • OEM Suspension Fluid supplier to Penske Racing Shocks.
  • Available in SAE 2.5, 5, 7.5, and 10wt