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Penske Racing Shocks 7509SA-LR-SB “Small Bore”

*The 7509 Single Adjustable Small Bore Racing Shock is customizable beyond the options on the website. If further customization to the Piston, Base Valve and Floating Piston are desired, please contact Penske Racing Shocks via phone (610-375-6180) during business hours (8:30 AM – 5 PM ET Monday through Friday.) We will gladly build you a racing shock perfect for your needs.*

  • Description

The 7500 series small bore "SB" shock was developed for use in the left rear of a late model. Through testing, we have found some advantages in certain conditions that when the shock produces enough load at a certain position, it eliminates the need for a coil spring. By utilizing just the nitrogen area in the shock to produce your spring load, it allows for more compliancy, due to the air spring characteristic, over bumpy surfaces. This shock is also effected by heat, so if your extended LR load value is 100lbs at 80°F, when the shock is at operating temperature, say 110°F, your load value may now be 175lbs. This helps raise the rear deck when on track at temp.

This shock comes with spring hardware. Some sanctioning bodies dictate you must have a spring at every corner, the spring hardware allows you to run a "dummy" spring.

The Penske Racing Shock Advantage

  • Built to Customer Specifications (supply compressed length at ride height and extended length)
  • Owner Rebuildable
  • Consistent Performance
  • Steel Components
  • Meets Racing Sanctions Material Requirements
  • .625" Shaft for Low Rod Force
  • Chrome Plated Shaft
  • Roller Burnished Shock Bores for Low Friction and Increased Grip

**All shocks are hand built to order specifications. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing; however lead times may be much longer depending on seasonality. For more information on specific product lead times, or if you require a specific delivery date, please inquire before ordering.**

Additional information

Weight 3175 7.0 lb
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 6 in
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