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The choice for pro racers and serious trackday riders, the 8987 series is the most versatile and top performing motorcycle shock. Available with a remote or piggyback reservoir, the 8987 offers an infinite amount of adjustability options through external adjusters. This shock will increase rear grip, lower lap times, and improve tire wear.

The Penske Advantage

  • Simple External Adjustment Options Include Separate High and Low Speed Compression, Rebound, Ride Height, and Spring Preload
  • Faster Lap Times with Increased Grip and Better Bump Control
  • Improved Tire Wear
  • Finest Metals and Materials Used Reduce Friction and Weight while Increasing Strength and Reliability

What is the Difference Between High and Low Speed Compression Adjustment: High and low speed damping is determined by the speed at which the shock is moving. For example, high speed bumps can be compared to hitting a curb or a large bump in the road surface. Typically, this is a rider-comfort area of adjustment. Low speed is used for controlling chassis movements, grip, and tire wear. When the bike is in the corner and the chassis is loaded, any slight variation in the track surface would be considered low speed. If a shock can't absorb the variation, the grip would be reduced. In a race environment, the ability to adjust both high and low speed is especially important, where every bit of grip available is critical.

Is this Really What Pro Racers Use: Yes, all of Penske Racing Shocks Pro AMA and top-level racers run an 8987 series shock. It is simple to tune with predictable and repeatable results.

**Note: not all makes or models are available. Check the application chart to see which shock models are available for your bike. If you don't see your bike listed, please contact us. We may be able to take your OEM or existing shock and make a duplicate.**

**Also note price may increase depending on model. Some models require fabrication of existing parts. For these models, additional labor is added. The application chart will show cost that will be added.**

**All shocks are hand built to order specifications. Please allow a minimum of 10 business days for processing; however lead times may be much longer depending on seasonality. For more information on specific product lead times, or if you require a specific delivery date, please inquire before ordering.**

Additional information

Weight 3629 8.0 lb
Dimensions 24 × 7 × 6 in
Ama  Kit  AMA Update (piston, custom shims, negative spring bearing) (+$315.00) Race/Track Day ONLY! , Standard Build
Canister  Options  Banjo (+$50) , Piggyback (+150) , Standard
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