Air Dump Assembly

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Pnuematic Digressive Spring Device

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The new Air Dump Assembly allows you to create a digressive spring curve with any common spring. No more stacking springs, setting lock out nuts. Simply tune your digressive point based off the amount of gas pressure in the assembly. This patent pending device has been run for the past 2 season in NHRA with tremendous success, we are now finding great uses in other applications.

Uses: Our first use was on the 5th coil. This device allows you to run a stiffer spring rate which gives the car more instant traction. The down side to normally running a stiffer spring is, as it compresses, the over all load becomes to stiff and you break traction down track. By using this device, as the stiffer spring compresses, the spring load becomes more powerful vs. the load the air assembly is producing. When this happens, the air dump gives way and takes 2 full inches of preload of the spring, essentially making it a softer rate farther into the travel.

**See the example spring graph**

This can also be used on the corner shock as well

Works with all current Penske Shocks, no additional hardware needed.

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Weight 3175 7.0 lb
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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