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Penske Racking Shocks Shock/Fork Oil


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Penske Racing Shocks Suspension Fluid has been developed to meet the demanding requirements of modern high-performance suspension systems. Surface active formula integrates low-friction chemistry with thermally stable additives to ensure silky smooth, predictable damping, even on the roughest tracks. Internal wear is reduced by special anti-wear and extreme pressure additives. Proprietary formula contains conditioners to keep seals pliable and extend their useful life.

*Specify viscosity and size*

  • Fade Free Formula
  • Exceptional Performance Over Wide Operating Temps
  • Lower Coefficient of Friction (More Grip)
  • Advanced Anti-Foam System(Better Consistency)
  • Proprietary Formula Specifically Designed for Penske Racing Shocks (Available Only From Penske Shocks)
  • Light Weight

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Weight 1361 3.0 lb
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 in
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