Penske Racing Shocks O-Rings

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Penske Racing Shocks offers a wide variety of o-rings, both buna or viton material. Check you manual or parts list for appropriate P# and quantity.

Additional information

Weight 454 1.0 lb
Dimensions 5 × 4 × 1 in
Description  OR-2009-B|OR-2015-B|OR-2114-B|OR-2119-B|OR-2130-V|OR-2135-V|OR-2139-B|OR-2208-P|OR-2224-P|OR-2323-B|OR-2324-B|OR-4225-B|OR-2007-B|OR-2008-B|OR-2010-B|OR-2012-B|OR-2013-B|OR-2025-B (+$0.25)|OR-2028-B|OR-2114-V (+$0.50)|OR-2133-B|OR-2219-B (+$0.25)|OR-2221-B|OR-2222-B|OR-4206-B (+$0.50)|OR-4221-B (+$1.00)|OR-4222-B (+$1.00)|OR-4MMX1MM-B (+$0.50)|SL-06 (+$7.00)|SL-09 (+$7.00)|SL-506 (+$2.00)
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