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Update your remote adjustable shock today! Penske Shocks are designed so you can upgrade your shock to the next level, eliminating the need to buy another shock. Simply choose what canister you would like, include your hose end options.

You can make your old 8100 shock perform like new with an 8300 upgrade. Or take the next step up to our 8760 adjuster with separate high and low speed compression adjustability.

The 8300 adjuster will have 40 clicks of compression adjustment. This allows you to fine tune your compression to get the exact feel you want. This helps maximize tire life and grip. The old 8100 adjuster had only 6 fixed positions of compression adjustment, you are limited on what feel and set-up you can achieve.

The 8760 adjuster gives you the ability to tune your high speed and low speed compression independently. No matter what you race, all top teams utilize our 8760 adjuster. It allows you to tune for low speed compression, which is generally directly related to tire wear and grip. The high speed is generally for curbing or larger bumps and dips in the road surface. A single compression adjuster makes you have to choose between ride quality and performance. With the 8760 you can tune for both ride quality and performance, this ensures you getting maximum mechanical grip while achieving the best ride.

Additional information

Weight 1361 3.0 lb
Dimensions 10 × 6 × 6 in
Adjuster  Model  8300 , 8760 ( $245)
Canister  Length  4" , 5" , 6" , 7"
Hose  End  Options  1/8",Banjo Swivel( $50)|Fixed Banjo ( $25)
Hose  Exit  Side (1/8" or BJ option available) , Top (1/8" NTP Hose Only)
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