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Tool, Shock Dyno, Single Stroke, 2hp

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Penske Racing Shocks is proud to offer the industry leading Roehrig/MTS "SYD" line of shock dyno test machines.

This is the same design that pioneered the shock test market and has proven to be reliable, accurate, and efficient. All parts are now being manufactured by Penske Racing Shocks and assembled in North Carolina.  

Multiple performance options include:

  • 2hp, 3hp, and 5hp variable stroke models. Along with the horse power option, other options include:
  • AOSR-Add On Spring Rater with Software. This option allows you to test both compression and release force from your coil spring. 
  • Plug and Play- From the factory you will receive your dyno with a new laptop with software already installed and calibrated for your machine. Simply supply power to your dyno and begin tuning and learning. 
  • Other options and upgrades available include: custom strokes, column lengths (longer shocks and fork accessibility, load cell design and rating, on-site training.


One major component to producing a great dyno is the software. While there are many options, it was imperative that we try meet the needs of the racing industry. This lead us to choose MTS and Shock6 software to drive the hardware. MTS and Shock6/Roehrig has been the industry standard in shock dyno’s for decades. What does this mean? All current Roehrig files that you may have are accessible on the s-Link dyno! New for 2022 is MTS Shock6.6.12 software. The new Shock6 software is Win10 and Win11 compatible.

Shock 6 Software
Designed primarily for damper performance testing, easy-to-use Shock 6 Software offers an array of preprogrammed test options and a wizard-based interface with integrated analysis tools. It is typically deployed on SYD (Crank Dyno) and EMA systems.


  • Temperature or time-based warm-up
  • Static gas tests
  • Friction testing
  • Velocity Plots (constant, peak velocity, multiple constant)
  • Pass/Fail validation
  • The ability to import custom waveforms or playback track data to simulate real world conditions with EMA Systems. 

Along with your dyno, you will receive one year free on-line tech support through our TeamViewer app. This makes software and PC tech support a breeze. This is a $500 value, free with purchase of dyno.

New Shock6 Software Ver.6.6.12

What's New in Shock 6.6.12

  • Analog output voltages go to zero when the “Abort” button is clicked.
  • Analog output calibration values are applied when doing custom waveforms.
  • A negative voltage spike on the analog outputs at the start of a custom waveform has been fixed.
  • The Shock Notes section of the printed report now has section labels to better define the data.
  • Drivers for the USB license key have been updated.



This software is used on Crank Dyno (models 2VS, 3VS…) and EMA (models 2k, 4k, 6k) Damper Test Systems. Shock can be programmed to generate a full spectrum of waveforms, including sinusoidal, triangle, square, sine-on-sine, variable sine, and random. The software also supports the importation of custom waveforms and playback of road load or track data to simulate real-world operating environments.


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