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Penske Racing Shocks is the world leader in suspension technology, having won countless races and championships in F1, ALMS, Indy Car, Tudor/IMSA series, and NASCAR among others. The same race-winning technology is now offered in the highest quality shock packages designed specifically for your Porsche. Tested by both professional and advanced Porsche Club of America drivers, our shocks yielded quicker lap times just from simply bolting them onto the car.

All front and rear Porsche shocks are mono-tube style. The struts are actually inverted mono-tubes which offer increased installation stiffness over our competitor's products that use thinner tubing or 22mm thick shafts for non-inverted struts. When the strut is not stiff enough it can lead to binding of the suspension under heaving braking and cornering loads which limits suspension travel and usually requires stiffer springs to combat the issue. Main shaft seal leakage is also a common problem associated with non-inverted struts. Numerous competitors in the Continental Tire Sportscar Series and Tudor United Sportscar Series have switched to Penske for these reasons.

All three packages come with dual-bleed shaft adjusters which were developed for F1. This option allows independent low-speed compression and rebound adjustment by bleeding off the main piston. You can read more about the benefits of this technology here.

The 7565 series double adjustable package features our dual-bleed shaft adjuster for independent low-speed bleed in compression and rebound.

The 8760 series triple adjustable package features a highspeed compression adjustment, a low-speed compression adjustment, and a single rebound adjustment. The high-speed compression adjustment works with preloaded shims on a piston face while the rebound and low-speed compression adjustments consist of a needle/seat arrangement for a bleed bypass.

The 8765 series 4-way adjustable package features a dual-bleed shaft adjuster for independent low-speed bleed in compression and rebound. It also incorporates displacement sensitive, independent high and low-speed compression adjustment on the remote reservoir which helps with curb strikes and other large displacement bumps.

Unlike most competitor packages, all of our suspension builds are tailored to you. We will recommend dyno curves and spring rates but a phone call is typically necessary to understand how you want your car to perform. Part of The Penske Advantage is having your own personal shock technician at your disposal to listen to your needs and to share our experiences at no additional cost.

Custom Hyperco or Eibach spring rates and lengths are available (SOLD SEPARATELY)

The Penske Advantage

  • F1 Inspired Dual Bleed Technology
  • Custom Tuned for Your Vehicle
  • 60mm or 2.25" Spring Options
  • Industry Leading Penske Internals
  • Penske Quality and Performance
  • Race Proven (2013 Petit LeMans GT Race Winner)
  • 100% Engineered, Manufactured, and Hand Built in the USA

Additional information

Shock  Model  7565 (2-Way Adjustable), 8365 (3 Way Adjustable) (+$1580), 8765 (4 Way Adjustable) (+$3090)
Vehicle  Model  911, 991 Cup|993, 996/997 Cup Car, 997 RSR
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