Refurbished 7300 Adjustable Racing Shock - Coil Over

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The 7300 Series damper is the damper of choice in all levels of professional car racing. The 7300 is a simple, high-performance shock absorber that can be internally configured easily for any track and can be tuned externally with a single or dual shaft adjuster. This shaft adjuster can affect compression, rebound, both symmetrical, or both independently depending on the type of shaft used. The 7300 also can utilize a head valve piston that was born out of the desire to run lower gas pressures for grip and reduce "fade" while maintaining the performance of the shock. The head valve, depending on its build, can optimize the response time of the damper and allow the use of extremely low pressures to be used for reduction in friction and increased in grip and driver feel without the danger of cavitation.

The reservoir in the 7300 is generous for good consistency over a large temperature range and features a reservoir piston that has been designed for low friction and maximum volume. A strong 2-piece body completes the design to maximize strength and minimize weight. This coupled with a strong chrome-moly shaft that is hard chromed, makes the 7300 a durable, high-performance damper with a proven track record of championships. Whether your a top Sprint Cup team , Grassroots asphalt or dirt racer, professional or club road racer, the 7300 will give you maximum performance and reliability!

The Penske Racing Shock Advantage

  • Large Nitrogen Canister for Consistent Feel and Reduced Rod Force
  • Base Valve Option for Reduced Gas Pressure to Maximize Mechanical Grip
  • Large Hand Knob (self dented so you always have positive clicks for adjusting)
  • Standard Penske 55mm Bore (utilize wide variety of Penske pistons to achieve any damping curve)
  • Strong Body Cap and Eyelet (allow you to run maximum loads with bump rubbers or coil bind with out worrying about flexing or mounting durability)
  • Available in 5" - 9" Stroke Options
  • 100% Engineered, Manufactured, and Hand Built in the USA

**All shocks are hand built, so please allow up to 14 days for delivery.**

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